Good Friends Add to your Strength

“मित्रसंग्रहेण बलम् संपद्दाते |” is a chanakya quote (चाणक्य सूत्र ) that means “By adding friends you add to your strength“. Let’s dig deeper…

Be it the war or elections; numbers do matter. More supporters you have, higher will be your chances of victory. If not in all, then too this principle is valid in many scenarios of life. An individual’s isolated efforts are no match to an organized team work.

Remember that it’s difficult to move a chariot with only one wheel.

It is said that “Better be alone, than being in a bad company“. The previous statement is 100% true and valid. All we need to understand is that being lonely is not the solution. We must search for good people to collaborate.

Life will be good with good friends, not so good without friends, and it will become  a nightmare on having wicked friends.

The truth about life is that there don’t exist any perfect situation. We usually have a mixed set of friends. Some are good friends, bad ones, and semi good friends. However, we must work to increase the goodness within our friends as well as try to increase the numbers of our good friends. Also, we must work towards reducing the badness and count of bad ones.


  • The main highlight of this short article is to befriend as many good people as you can. This way your strength will rise exponentially.
  • It is not sufficient to avoid company of bad people.  You must have a few trustworthy friends.
  • An individual’s own efforts and skills do matter. However, don’t allow your ego or shyness to hinder your ability to make friends and to take legitimate advantage of them.

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5 responses to “Good Friends Add to your Strength”

  1. enamul karim Avatar
    enamul karim

    true friend is like gold that never becomes old.

  2. Prateek Sharma Avatar
    Prateek Sharma

    Provides immense knowledge

  3. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

    रहिमन देखि बड़ेन को, लघु न दीजिए डारि.
    जहां काम आवे सुई, कहा करे तरवारि..!!

  4. priya Avatar

    Right! we must not leave our existing friends. We must leave our bad friends only.

  5. Nevand Ram Devra Avatar
    Nevand Ram Devra

    It’s true good friends are precious gift of God

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