Artha is Necessary for Prosperity of a Kingdom

Chanakya Sutraअर्थस्य मुलं राज्यम् |” is the topic of this discussion. The Hindi translation is “ राज्य का वैभव धन से संभव है| “. It means that proper funding is required for prosperity within a state.

* The word ‘Artha’ (अर्थ) means Business and Money related Matters.

The idea in itself is very straightforward. Everyone equipped with a sound mind will have no objection to it. Like every other post on this Blog, we will be digging a bit deeper. Consider having a look at the headings placed below.

To Turn Dreams into reality:

For creating a successful state, it becomes necessary to raise funds. The ruler with insufficient funds will not be able to implement his plans and strategies in the intended manner. On the other hand, the ruler with sufficient funds at his disposal will not face such issues. The interesting part is that this basic idea is applicable to all people no matter they rule or not.

* So try to earn more money through justifiable means and spend/invest it wisely. Money is not evil.

Green stuff is Mandatory

Like they say that “Money can’t buy everything“. In the same manner I desire to convey the message that “There are things that can only be purchased using money“. Both statements are 100% true and in a way are complementary to each other. I believe that no more justification is required to prove the validity of the point being made in this paragraph.

We hate taxation, but…

The money that we pay as tax, is utilized in running the social machinery from which we make profits, in safeguarding that machinery, and on the welfare of the community. Well! At this point I will avoid going into the debate about the right-taxation, wrong-taxation, or better taxation policies. Maybe some other day!

All I want to say is that justifiable taxation is necessary. The states with no taxation are most unlikely to continue as a stable state. For Example: Taliban ruined the whole existing infrastructure of Afghanistan by abolishing taxes.

So guys! Please pay your taxes and help in building a stable and capable nation for yourself.

The Conclusion is that to accomplish real things you will need real money. The significance of money is irreplaceable.

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2 responses to “Artha is Necessary for Prosperity of a Kingdom”

  1. Potwade Shweta Avatar
    Potwade Shweta

    Yes, it’s very true!
    We know this more lively when the most important thing is just stopped for some money. And all our efforts get vanish, in the race of life…

  2. Shamrao Pawar Avatar
    Shamrao Pawar

    Today i have read in the newspaper that lakhs of crores of rupees of loan taken by industrialists have not paid back to public sector banks which is a public money.First of all this money should be recovered and then only think of taxes

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