Stop Irrigating the Dead Tree

Today’s Chanakya Sutra is ” न पुष्पार्थी सिञ्चति शुष्क्तरुम् । “. In Hindi it means ” फूलों की कामना करने वाला मनुष्य सूखे वृक्ष को नहीं सींचता है ।” and in English it means “A man desiring flowers does not irrigates a dead tree.“.

It is one of the best quotes by Chankaya. It conveys multiple messages:

  • Let go the lost cause.
  • Be useful to others.
  • Invest In Right People.

Let Go:

Sometimes despite all precautions things go wrong. I am talking about the stage where nothing can be done to improve the situation. As humans we get emotionally attached to our missions and it become hard for us to accept the failure (reality).

Watering the dead plant might appear a solution (for mental satisfaction), but is not. No matter how much water you pour, it will not come to life. What’s really needed is to uproot the dead and replace it with new ones.

We must know that rectifications can be performed only when there exists an opportunity to do so. Any feasible opportunity should be utilized, but when the cause loses its significance a man must abandon it for good. Further investments in a lost cause will only increase your liability and add to your pain. Wise men say that It’s better to save what you can when loss becomes eminent.

Help Comes To Helpful:

Another interpretation of this life changing quote also exits. It tells you to be useful. You must know that people appear friendly, but most of them only care about your usefulness. They help you with expectation of something fruitful in return.

If you are useful to someone, you can expect benefits in return. If not, then better don’t expect any favors. People might of might not be comfortable in doing so, but sooner or later they will remove the dead plants from ground and useless people from their lives.

Invest In Right People.

Another direct interpretation of this inspirational quote is that a man must only work with people who have potential in them. Today or some other day a green tree will provide you with fruits or flowers, but a dead tree will won’t .


  • Be useful.
  • Learn from your mistake and don’t repeat them.
  • Engage with Useful people and in useful Activities.

Two inspirational Quote from Chanakya Neeti in similar context:

  • A man regrets after accomplishing a sin/mistake. If same wisdom be shown before performing the action, then the man will definitely attain Nirvana.
  • In case of natural disasters, famine and unstoppable enemy invasion; one should run away and save life. (It’s better to abandon a lost cause, than paying the price for unwise actions.)

Also in Vidur Niti it has been stated that “Deities never guide a man like a shepherd with a stick in their hand. Instead they deliver intelligence and wisdom to the person.” Better we use them.

* Being Wicked and being practical are two totally different things. A good man without practical wisdom is incomplete.





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  1. Swetha Avatar

    Nice one

  2. Devyansh Avatar

    Hi Devyansh, read this



  3. Chandra V Pakala Avatar
    Chandra V Pakala

    The Most Famous Chanukya Sapadam & Sapam :

    See what all the cheapest beggars of Civilizations (EX : CENTRAL & WESTERN) have done to The Mother Bharat in the past life business. They all should and must go through the same Law of Karma of Effect (REACTION) & CAUSE (ACTION), then only they realize why it went from the Age of GOLD to Age of Iron of POVERTY, till then Chanukya will not rest nor do he will sleep with peace in the soul.


  4. Ritik Raj Avatar
    Ritik Raj

    liked it..

  5. Captain Avatar

    I don’t care if it is from black Jesus, game of thrones, or captain America. I will keep coming as your ideas are really motivational.

  6. Ramesh G Bhatia Avatar
    Ramesh G Bhatia

    interested very much in Chankya Niti and Vidur


  7. Rahul Avatar

    “As humans we get emotionally attached to our missions and it become hard for us to accept the failure (reality). What’s really needed is to uproot the dead and replace it with new ones.”

    Felt as if these words are said for me….

  8. N A Jadhav Avatar
    N A Jadhav

    Those who read all chapters of chanakya neeti won’t fail in real life as long as they remain practical about it.

  9. manish solanki Avatar
    manish solanki

    Its really Intresting

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    Pamela Bhattacharya

    Loved this one

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