Dharma Rests on Foundation of Money – Chanakya Sutra

धर्मस्य मुलमर्थ: ||

This Chanakya Sutra means that “The money is the root of Dharma“.

This statement is a contradiction to the approach that claims money to be evil. Chanakya considered money as a means to perform several good deeds. Despite the fact that most of the evil things are performed under the influence of greed to gain more money; money itself is neither bad nor good.

For example: Knife is a simple tool. You can cut vegetables and even cut a man using it. In the same manner you can use the money for good things and even for the worst ones.

Now, Before moving further it will be nice to understand the true meaning of Dharma. It refers to religion, duty, and both.

Not only Good Intentions, but Good Amount of Money:

Most of the people on this planet have good intentions, and most of them fail in accomplishing great things. The problem is not with their intention, but is about having sufficient green-stuff.

Money makes you potent and more money makes you even-more potent. The simple fact of this non-virtual world is that “Money matters“.

The problem:

Today, the world seems to be out-of-balance because the wicked men have more money in comparison to good ones. Let me explain this to you:

I believe you to be a good man and hopefully you are. Suppose you earn a lot of money per month. Now, being a good man you will use your savings for things like:

  • Saving the planet
  • In charity (True charity is a different concept than just giving alms to beggars)
  • In Education of the uneducated… Etc.

Now, take the example of a wicked man. He will use his money for:

  • Hiring prostitutes
  • Gambling
  • Alcohol and drugs

Now, consider this on a global level and you will have no problem in understanding the collective impact of each type of men.

* The examples I took are very black and very white. No one is perfectly wicked and no one is a true angel. Normally, a person has some part of wickedness and some part of goodness in him.

A Good Man Must Gather more Money:

Considering the recent discussion, it becomes necessary for good men to gather more money and use it to maintain the goodness worldwide. The world is not sad because wicked people are strong. It is sad because you are weak.

The beauty of truth is that it appears same from all angles (almost every time). You can think about the significance of money from personal as well as social perspective; It will appear important in both.

If you consider yourself a good man then it becomes your responsibility to earn more. It’s not about being good, but is about being useful. If you have some problem in understanding the previous line, then consider reading this post.





4 responses to “Dharma Rests on Foundation of Money – Chanakya Sutra”

  1. santanu chattopadhyay Avatar
    santanu chattopadhyay

    I am so eager to know about “arthashastra” written by Chanakya.

    1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

      Soon, I will begin working on Arthashastra.

  2. Enamul karim Avatar
    Enamul karim

    Utiliztion of money is more important than the way of gaining?

  3. विजय गौतम Avatar
    विजय गौतम

    धन की आवश्यकता हैै धर्म के लिये
    धन का धरमवत् उपयोग महत्वपूर्ण है

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