What desires to control and Why

Chanakya in his literature has emphasized a lot on controlling own desires. This includes, but is not restricted to control on desire to speak, desire to listen, desire to watch, and desire to feel.  As a human being we are full of desires and want to do all kinds of things.

An important thing to be considered is that desires lead to action and actions end in consequences. Now, these consequences might be beneficial or bad depending on the actions and the circumstances in which they were performed. Considering this simple logic we can conclude that by controlling our desires we can control the consequences.

The More interesting Thing:

Words might not be sufficient, but I will still try. We can say that either the results are good or bad. If the bad outcome was obtained due to lack of control on your desire (bad desire). Then, it should be noted that all good thing that happen to a person are nothing, but the outcome of his good desires.

Actually, when things don’t go wrong we hardly evaluate the cause. Anyhow, like the universal law of gravity the fact stated is 100% true.

There is no problem with having any desire. I might sound Machiavellian, but really there is no problem. As a matter of fact our desires grow on auto pilot. Trust me! there will be no problem until you loose control on your desire or a set them free. It is absolutely normal to have all kinds of desire in your mind. What matters is that you don’t allow yourself to become a slave of them.

The simple trick is to act as per your environment and circumstances. Unless you do something foolish under control of your desire; you will do fine. All you need is to consider the consequences and fulfill the ones you can.

* Well! don’t even think about doing something immoral, unethical, or unlawful because by doing so you will break the initial law, which is to evaluate the consequences.

* Another suggestion is that you must never mourn for desires unfulfilled. This is nothing, but giving yourself to your desire. Stability of mind is of utmost importance.

* Lastly, actions are necessary. To say “accomplishing right things at right time” is easier then doing. Still! there is no other alternative.

To end this post I will like to quote a line from Vidur niti that says:

All wealth, all gold, all animal, and all women on this Earth are insufficient to satisfy greed of a single man. The man who thinks like this, does not falls in trap of greed.

The great philosophers never told to stop thinking or to have a desire. The key point is about having control on them. At present only go for the stuff that you can handle without getting into trouble. A wise man takes risks, but only calculated ones. There is no problem with desiring much, but surely there is an issue with desiring too much. Thanks!

* Desires are part of of your guidance system. Still! the responsibility to control your life lies in your own hands.





4 responses to “What desires to control and Why”

  1. Sanjay Avatar

    Yes! I can relate with this. As a man I desired for all chicks, but I understand that there is a limit.

    1. gurugyan Avatar

      Great wisdom!

  2. Anamika Verma Avatar
    Anamika Verma

    This means that desires guide us, but we must always be in control. Correct!

  3. Tamil Sangu Avatar
    Tamil Sangu

    Gr8 words

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