Cure for Weakness?

Who is Superstrong?

Most of the people in this world are weak and a few are strong. Interestingly, for every strong man there exists something/someone stronger to tackle. This is true for me, you, and even for the Captain America.

The omnipresent and omnipotent Almighty has created this world in a very interesting manner. He has created water that can extinguish the fire and has blessed the very same fire with the capability to vaporize the water as well. The food chain (more accurately food web) is another interesting example that depicts the reality of life.

It’s not enough to be at the top, you got to stay there. Meanwhile, the world will try a thousand ways to bring you down. An unprepared person will end up as a victim and I am sure that no one desires to be in that position.

In fact, the whole universe operates on two basic principles i.e. depletion of what’s been created and the creation of something from what’s been destroyed. The simplest word to describe this universal phenomenon is ‘Change’.

How to Increase Your Strenght?

There are a few things to consider. Have a look:

Let’s cover the basics i.e. eat healthy, drink healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle.  This is a well-known fact and a well-ignored fact as well. What’s your opinion? In Chanakya’s opinion:

You can earn money after losing it, you can make new friends, and also you can get another wife, but this is not the case with the body.

One who wears dirty clothes, has filthy teeth, oversleeps, and uses foul language. Such person cannot gain prosperity and good health.

Other than that there are other aspects to consider as well. Physical fitness alone is incomplete without mental fitness, spiritual awareness, and proper education. Discussing it all is beyond the scope of this article. A hint is sufficient for a wise person like you.

Social consideration:

The first thing is that you must stay away from people who are not good. Bad people and their influence will definitely corrode you in some or another manner.  This does not mean that you must isolate yourself from the society. Despite being chaotic, society has its own benefits.

“मित्रसंग्रहेण बलम् संपद्दाते |” i.e. “By Adding Friends You Add to Your Strength”. Alliances act as a force multiplier. You must definitely be in an alliance with right people. The slight issue is that relationships and friendships are not time proof.

  • Situations are likely to change in future and this fact should be considered while planning something, implementing it, and most importantly while behaving with someone.
  • Your friend and his friendship are undergoing a transformation. The pace of this transformation will depend on you, him, as well as the shift in the situation.
  • Reliable alliances are not made in a day, therefore be prepared for such preparation.

The help derived from external sources usually has a high cost associated with it. The associations that start on grounds of friendship should not turn into a relation between someone dependent and someone dominant.

Friendhsip flourishes amongst equals.

The final and most probably the finest solution is “महात्मना परेण साहसमं न कर्तव्यम् |”. In Hindi “महात्मा पुरुष दूसरो के साहस पर भरोस न करे” and in the English language it means “Good men should not depend on the strength/valor of others“.


  • Change is the ultimate reality of this world. As time passes circumstances change and with it people change as well.
  • If you think that you are strong enough to handle everything on your own, then you are simply a courageous fool.
  • If you think others will help you without expectation, even then you are a fool.

Think a bit about all those aspects and frame a harmonious plan as per your requirement.





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