Be Confident And Avoid Flattery

A Simple Human Trait

It is human nature to seek acceptance of others. This is true for most of us irrespective of our status in society. Everyone seems interested in acquiring external validation in order to justify their acts. This is evident in acts of a peasant as well as in large scale political campaigns of our leaders.

When everyone agrees to us, then we raise our head and walk confidently in the society. This is completely normal and this is what to be expected from a social animal.

A few Words About Confidence:

Confidence is an important component of a strong personality. Feeling confident is surely a pleasurable state of mind. I personally believe that confidence is another name for the self-trust regarding own abilities.

I have a simple question for you. Confidence is dependent on self-trust or opinions of others?

I threw this question to tens of guys on pavement and none choose the second option. In fact true confidence comes from within and certainly it has nothing to do with views of others.

How and What Flattery Exploits?

A flatter exploits the man’s  urge to seek acceptance. In the process he delivers a false sense of confidence to his victim and thus makes him vulnerable.

Do I need to explain anything else?

Thanks for you time and may the almighty deliver happiness to all of us.





2 responses to “Be Confident And Avoid Flattery”

  1. saurabh Avatar

    well versed eye opening article

  2. vijaya lakshmi Avatar
    vijaya lakshmi

    though confidence comes from within, it has environmental influence!

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