Command and Control to Achieve Success in Life

In the second chapter of Chanakya Neeti Acharya has said that “The destruction is inevitable for a tree standing on the bank of a river, a woman in the house of a stranger, and for a  king with stupid/bad counselors.” In this article, we will be discussing this Chanakya Quote in detail. Have a look.

Don’t be a tree:

As the river floods in the rainy season, it starts eroding its banks. As the erosion increases the trees on the river’s bank begin losing their grip on the soil and once the grip becomes inadequate the tree falls. Well! Chanakya didn’t write for trees, but for humans. The simple message is:

  • Don’t become inactive. As the situation changes you must change accordingly.
  • Don’t be stubborn. In other words, don’t put yourself in the hazardous situations. A tree cannot decide where it grows i.e. on the bank of a river or on a safer ground, but as a human, you have options to choose from.

Don’t Submit to Circumstances:

By making reference of a woman in other man’s house Acharya Chanakya desires to convey a few things.

  • A woman is safe in her house, but not in the house of a stranger. Don’t you think the same applies to men as well?
  • Don’t be a woman? In unfamiliar places, you must not act as a woman. (In Chanakya’s time women were generally considered as defenseless soft targets)
  • Don’t surrender.

Cancel The Council of bad Counsellors:

  • Just think before you follow the advice of anyone.
  • Don’t let the peer-pressure to influence you.
  • Be careful when it comes to sharing crucial information. People might appear trustworthy, but appearances don’t come attached to a guarantee card.

That’s it for now. If you have anything in mind about Chanakya Neeti then let me know in comments.  Who knows you might Inspire the next article? Have a nice day.






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