Collect Wealth As If You Are Immortal

This idea by Acharya Chanakya appears not so ethical. To understand this quote in its true context we will need to evaluate it from a non traditional view. Please have a look:

Is Money Evil?

Definitely not! nor it’s good. It is merely a tool that can do all kinds of damages as well as aid in accomplishing great things. Many spiritual Gurus says that “Money is evil and is the primary cause of troubles in life“. What they really mean is that “A man must have control on his Greed”.

If you are not a sanyasi, then it is very important for you to earn money and to increase your wealth. A man with wealth is considered wise and is given respect by others. People try to befriend him and to please him. This is what happens whether you like it or not.

Being Spiritual but Impractical is not Right:

Spirituality is awesome and equally awesome is the practical wisdom. One who is busy preparing for the next world should not ignore the realities of this world. Men with an impractical approach are either already extinct or will be extinct very soon. It’s said that inaction of good men within a society is sufficient for rise of evil within that society.

Not doing bad things is not equivalent to doing good things.

It is beyond reason why people focus too much on negative aspect of money. People are good and people are bad. At all times Goddess Lakshmi remains unbiased. Whoever please her receives the blessing.

In sanatan dharma there are many stories where boons were delivered to Asuras who misused them later. The story of Bhasmasur is quite famous. The overall conclusion can be summarized in following points:

  • People are good and people are bad. Wealth is just a means to accomplish good deeds or greedy objectives.
  • Money is significant and more you have better it is.

No one is immortal:

Shree Krishna said in Bhagavad gita that “One who has taken birth has to die“. The fact remains true even for non-believers. So why a man must collect wealth as if he is immortal. This could be explained in following context.

All major religions of the world have concept of judgement day. After death they will be presented before the almighty and will be questioned about their actions in the mortal world.

Many people avoid doing bad stuff in order to avoid the harsh punishments mentioned in the Holy book. Now, if we look at such thinking, then we will find that it’s not based on a rational reasoning, but is based on fear. This approach works, but it has its own restrictions as well.

What if you don’t die? What if there is no judgement day? Will you still be the same Good Guy?

This question is all about your Integrity. Only you know the truth…

The Chanakya quote being discussed can also be viewed from a different angle.  The well known fact is that the lifespan of man is comparatively very short in comparison to all sorts of desire he has. The first phase passes away in learning and understanding and the last phase (old age) is generally miserable. After considering the previous point an ordinary man realizes that he’s left with even lesser time to enjoy life.

This urgency to enjoy life makes a man desperate and desperate men do all kinds of damages to themselves and to others. For this reason Chanakya has asked the mortal human beings to do a favor to themselves by enjoying/utilizing the moments you have instead of living it in anxiety. In both ways there is no escape from death. One way allows you to live life and other way forces you to live under fear of death. The choice is yours and it’s simple.

Inspiration for this post: ” अमरवदर्थजातमर्जयेत् । ”  / ” खुद को अमर मान कर अर्थ का संचय करना चाहिए 






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