Having Clarity in Mind

Chanakya said that “A person who cannot decide his goal, simply cannot win.”. Anyone with a sound mind will not oppose this very true statement. This article revolves around this quote. Have a look …

There is no point in doing unnecessary things:

I am saying this because we have limited resources like time, youth, and money. If those resources are not put to some productive use then a lot of things can go wrong. I am not here to ruin your mood or to make you uncomfortable. My sole purpose is to warn you against the danger that might not be evident to you.

Actually, many of us hide our inactivity and useless-acts under cover of fun. You deserve fun in life, but not a fake one. We all understand that a man cannot engage himself 24 x 7 in productive tasks. Doing so, will reduce your efficiency and lead to severe psychological and health issues. Doing too much of anything is not considered good; be it work, rest, enjoyment, or anything else. Still, the fact remains that for getting success in life you will need doing what’s necessary.

There is no need to scream out loud:

You don’t require telling your objectives to every second person you meet. You can do that if it benefits you in some or other manner. Anyhow, it’s more important that you act honest with yourself. Doing things “just like that” is not a solution. There has to be a well defined objective. If not all then, most of the tasks being performed by you must solves some legitimate purpose.

Accepting  the Responsibility:

Who will benefit from your success and who will face the losses upon your failure? The simple answer is “You”. Most of the people will share your success and a few might even share your grief. Still, the one single person who will be impacted most is none other than you. The choice to make is a simple one.


* What’s the point in emptying your complete magazine and still not hitting the target? Consider life as a magazine and each day as a bullet. You can spend it “Just like that” or aim before firing. Even if you miss a few in beginning, at least you will learn some lessons that will help you in hitting in the bull’s-eye.

If you are looking for enjoyment then nothing is more pleasurable than success. It might require a lot of hardship to earn victory, but the satisfaction obtained is worth it. Living a purposeful life is not that hard. What’s really hard is to dream of something and to find it missing in your reality.

So cheer up and gear up because success awaits you…





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  1. Monika Avatar

    Yes! From today I will take a good care of my health. I am serious and I will.

  2. Davendra Bharat Avatar
    Davendra Bharat

    Great Article.

    Thank u sir ….

  3. Shweta Avatar

    I am a regular follower of this blog. I like all those inspirational thoughts.

  4. Kanika Avatar

    You made my day. The writer knows his job.
    well done!

  5. MONIKA Avatar

    great impact of these inspirational lines…..

  6. arun Avatar

    Your posts are a great inspiration for us.

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