Can You Really Make Profit: Cost Too High

When it comes about profit & loss we tend to emphasize on the monetary aspects only. What most people don’t realize is that despite of its significance, money is not the only thing on this planet.

You, your self-respect, your feelings, things you care for, ideas in which you strongly believe, people you care for, people who love you and many other important attributes are easily ignored from the equation of business. It must not sound strange and is a bitter truth from lives of many.

My intention is not to pinpoint any particular scenario or situation. Anyhow  saying that “I had no choice ?” or  “… have no choice ?” won’t be enough to balance-out the injustice performed by you against yourself and maybe others.

I do agree that there might be certain situations where you were out of options, but definitely it was not the case for all events. You must think about controlling the animal inside you. This animal if set loose is likely to damage you i.e. ‘the real you’.

If you are not happy with the job then most probably you are hurting yourself with your own hands. It is understandable that you  might be waiting for the right moment, but if you are a victim to disease called paralysis of analysis then not even God will be able to help you.

The whole idea for asking those questions is to make you think. Ok! read the following questionnaire, think for sufficient time and only then answer.

  • Do you really know yourself?
  • If you consider yourself to be more capable than your boss, then for what reason you are still struggling?
  • are you happy with the life you are living. if yes/no then why?
  • Can you make a positive change in your life or life of others. If yes then what are the things you can do?
  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • What you can do to achieve the un-achieved?

Well! I am least interested in your answers. It is you who need them most. See, we need to come out of our comfort zones to be what we really are.

Ok, you seem to be motivated now, but there is a great glitch. For what time period will you remain motivated. The adrenaline created in your mind will disappear after some time. What you need is an action plan. Again, the issue is that most of the men bind themselves to it as if it is page from bible.
You will require flexibility. (Flexibility for good, for better, and not for cutting corners.)

It’s well and good if you are living your dream and I do apologize for wasting your time. Now, if for any reason you are not happy, then it’s time to begin with rectifications necessary for a better and harmonious life.

Profit is not just about money and a lot many things do count …






7 responses to “Can You Really Make Profit: Cost Too High”

  1. Shiva Avatar

    You are the right type of Motivational Speaker . Thanks !

  2. Sangeeta Avatar

    The issue is that most of the men only read motivational quotes. Instead of implementing them in real life

    1. kanuj Avatar

      sangita . .here its nt abt men/women its abt we ppl

    2. anuj Avatar

      well said….

  3. anuj Avatar

    only 5th point is worth discussing…to understand all.

  4. Jagnesh naggi Avatar
    Jagnesh naggi

    you are right sir that money is not every thing but for every thing we need money,,,,,,,

  5. bhuwan varma Avatar
    bhuwan varma

    nice reading going into mind

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