Being Shameless In Life

Chanakya Neeti clearly states.

You should be shameless when it comes about learning something, dealing in business and having food.

If you aim at a successful and prosperous life then this idea cannot be overlooked in any context. The problem with modern men is that most of them will agree to this very basic principle, but will not implement it.

Today, a majority of them are trying to appear modern instead of being really modern & successful. Self-evaluation appears to be an outdated concept and the whole thinking revolves around the useless comparisons with others (teammates, relatives, person next door, or someone else). After acquiring such emotional-infection it becomes hard for them to gain necessary information, make wise decisions, and enjoying good health.

The main reason behind bringing this post is to clarify the confusion among-st followers. A lot of them came with really strange & hilarious replies in PMB. Please have a look on the lines stated below.

Shameless In Learning:

It’s not about being a joker in class, but about eliminating the confusion. If you were not able to get that idea then the best way would be to ask teacher, friend, or an expert in that filed. Acquiring shame will not help in any manner. “Let others think anything about you”.

There also exists an extension of this idea that can be applied over a broader spectrum of life. You must learn to ask and to ask the correct question. Learn from your mistakes as well as from the mistakes that were done by others. The feeling “I cannot make mistake” is really a serious concern for life and relationship.

Shameless In business:

Anyone wise will suggest you to separate business with personal life. You might be my best friend, but just another guy in my business. The word ‘Charity’ and ‘Commerce’ are very different and so is their meaning.

If someone appears taking too much interest then you have the full right to stop the interference for safety and smooth flow of operations.

Note: Abiding by laws and ethics is simply the best practice. It is definitely a matter of shame to get involved in bad businesses and following unjust business practices.

Shameless About food:

The idea is not about consuming food in great quantities, eating share of others, or to consume something that might harm. You must take care of your health.

The concept stated here is about denying the offer for food when you don’t feel like having it. In addition, it also stated that one must not starve himself and grab the offer/opportunity to have food.

Note: Every invitation for alcohol or substance abuse must be rejected at ones. The person offering such things might feel bad, but your life is much more important. Don’t feel shame or shy. Yes! Being shameless is good.  


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