Begin Something After Self Assessment

Motivation is something with unquestionable significance in our lives. If you have it, then even the toughest tasks become a child’s play. Even if they don’t appear easy, at least you don’t loose interest in them. This way or that way motivation serves its purpose.

I am about to say something which might sound disappointing at first, but cause is noble. Just try to “Understand” than feeling discouraged. Don’t allow me or anyone to discourage you. Simple!

Chanakya Said “स्वशक्ति ज्ञात्वा कार्यमारंभेत् |” i.e. Begin something only after evaluating your strength.

We all are enthusiastic about a lot of things in life. We just wan’t to accomplish a few of them, no matter what. Maybe this is not the case with you, but there are many fellow beings with similar approach.

Have you ever regretted engaging in something that you thought was easy at first, but the reality was totally different from your expectation. My point is that we must not rely on “expectations”, but on “unbiased evaluations” of the events and circumstances.

Why We Make Such Mistakes:

The list includes, but is not restricted to following. The chief factor are:

  • Ego Too High: Really! who can help you?
  • People too Cunning: Don’t just avoid their trap, but break it.
  • You are too Innocent: You must know that brain must be utilized when it comes about thinking and purpose of heart is to pump blood. Yes! start thinking with your brain and be a man of reasons.

… If you can think of another reasons then please comment. I will include them in upcoming articles.

As far as my tiny intelligence is concerned I will refer motivation as fuel for the vehicle that you can refer as life. The vehicle will not move an inch without right kind of fuel in it. Also, it will not move another inch if there exists some problem with any critical component like power shaft or engine.

In such cases, adding more fuel (inspiration and motivation) will not solve the purpose. The vehicle will operate as desired, only after you have identified the problematic component and fixed it. In a nutshell we can conclude that “motivation has it’s significance, but other things are important as well”.

Another very crucial thing to keep in mind is that the machine must be used in right manner and for the right job. We don’t plough a field using SUVs or Trucks. For that task we have Tractors.

All I want to say is that you determine your pros and cons by yourself. Evaluate your usability/capability/compatibility and engage in the right job. This evaluation must be done from time to time as the life, situations in life, and many other things change with time.

* We don’t use formula one cars for dirt racing. It’s your job to evaluate your strength and weaknesses before engaging in any task. There will be few tasks where you’ll perform average, in some you will end up with an outstanding performance, and in attempt of accomplishing few tasks you might end up hurting or destroying yourself.

It does not matters what others are doing, not it matters what they say. You must make decisions for yourself and also ensure that you make right decisions for yourself. Self-assessment is the right tool to be utilized for the job.

Gandhi was not a body builder and Mohammed Ali was not Gandhi. The interesting thing is that both of them are pioneers in their respective fields. Hopefully, you got the essence of this discussion about self-assessment. Have a nice day!





11 responses to “Begin Something After Self Assessment”

  1. Jitendra Bhamre Avatar
    Jitendra Bhamre

    It’s best article on motivation and articulated with perfect examples…keep posting…✌

  2. sidd Avatar

    copying an successful person is also a reason in my thought.

  3. kanakalakshmi Avatar

    I likedthe contents in the subject matter of chankiyanithi i will try to implement in my life thankyou

  4. nick Avatar

    These lessons are very helpfull, can u teach me solution for my personal prob which I cn’t share here?

  5. lovely Avatar

    Such a beautiful writing in this post.. I dont know much about Chanakya but now feeling an urge to know about his sutra and himself..

  6. Sonia singh Avatar
    Sonia singh

    I do not know how to evaluate myself. I need to know my strength and weekness. Guide me

    1. Deepak teotia Avatar
      Deepak teotia

      Dear Sonia, just sit back with a paper and pen for a single day at home detaching yourself from daily activities, phone calls, internet, friends etc. just start writing what all events and roles you have performed so far, where all you have been appreciated by whom for what reason.

  7. varun jain Avatar
    varun jain

    your article forced me to appreciate you for sharing such a precious insight. thanks dude.

  8. Binod kumar saw Avatar
    Binod kumar saw

    Dear Sonia, first and foremost, know your goal of life or determine your aim Of life.
    Ask yourself what you want to be in your life, then evaluate your weakness and strength. You can contact me if you feel so…. ” have the courage and confidence to take the challenge in life with strong will power, thereafter, ssuccess shall be yours”

  9. Dr P L Sud Avatar
    Dr P L Sud

    One should think on idea given and it them in day to day life. Not only that persons are ver cleaver they will try make fool of you and get their things by hook and cook so one should be very careful in this wrld

  10. ravi joshi Avatar
    ravi joshi

    Chanakya is the legend of wisdom i say.when people talk about his works always i feel that they also must be crazy or mad about chanakya bcz i m d example for that i named my son as”chanakya”.so the same i felt when i read these ideas n comments.thanku any one can contact me regarding this topic any time.thanku vry

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