Be Your Own Strength

महात्मना परेण साहसमं न कर्तव्यम् ” is one of the very important chanakya sutra. In hindi it means ” महात्मा पुरुष दूसरो के साहस पर भरोस न करे ” and in English language it means “Good men should not depend on the strength/valor of others“.

The very clear message of this inspirational quote is that a man is has a responsibility towards his objectives and therefore he must bear that responsibility. This responsibility cannot be delegated and anyone who does, his fate hangs in uncertainty.

Any man with a mission is sure about his level of commitment and reasons for doing something and for not doing something, but there is hardly any method to determine those qualities in person standing next. There always exists a certain amount of unclarity regarding true intentions.

Two people travelling on same path might have different destinations in mind.

There is no need to be afraid of this uncertainty. Wise men suggest that this unclarity or uncertainty can be utilized for own benefit. It prevents a man form losing focus, and thus by being more attentive he/she puts an extra effort that finally adds to overall productivity. This kind of management works, but you cannot over do it. Extensive micro-management usually backfires and should be avoided.

So far we have talked about importance of being responsible and being careful. In rest of this article we will be discussing another important aspect of the motivational quote mentioned at top.

The best scenario is one where parties involved provide mutual benefits to each other, but when this mutual help turns into some form of dependency then complications arise. In such cases the one in need is left on mercy of the provider. Sometimes the weaker is exploited and sometimes it transform into a parasite.

To avoid such conflicts, self-reliance is the only effective solution. Anyways, bigger the mission, more will be it’s requirement, and therefore at some stage external help will be needed. When seeking help you must act cautiously. Wise men suggest never to enter in a deal that sabotages your sovereignty or makes you incapable to operate in lack of that help or aid.

True help is quite rare on this planet. The apparent abundance is due to vicious-deals that are labeled at help.

The following points might help you in gaining some clarity:

  • Many times so called friends encourage a person to initiate a fight for the group.  In the end the motivated one was beaten badly, because none of the motivators joined in.
  • Nations usually don’t invite foreign armies to defend their borders because once inside the invited army can do all kinds of damages just like the army of invaders.
  • It’s you stomach therefore eat whatever you can digest. Your friend’s belly will not help you in the process.

I never said that one must not accept help. Just be cautious and act wisely.





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    Thanks for treating my myopia.

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    thnq 4 great motivation 🙂

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    Thanks for your motivation.

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    Fazal Karim.B.E(Civil Engineer)

    Very great savings of Chanakya Nete. One should read his quotes.

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    k v r murthy

    thanks for the motivation generated,lack of proper motivation, and the impulse to reignite ourselves, is a must today, only a positive push to the youth of today,will gap the major differences.

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    చాల బాగుంది

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    Nagarajan S

    You are doing great Job…..

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    Great lines…. Highly motivational…

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    himanshu Tyagi

    Awesome line

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    Swagat Shekokar

    This Blog can change one’s life for good…..Really one should have a cunning and smart mind like chanakya to survive in this cruel world. He taught us how to live life. Thanks for your efforts, it really helped me a lot

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    vishu pawar

    self reliance thats crucial. very motivational thought

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