Accomplishment Delivers Happiness

One of the Chanakya Sutra (सूत्र = principle) says:

सुखस्य मुलं धर्मं: ||

It means that Dharma is the root of happiness. In this post I have tried to determine the relevance of this Chanakya Sutra in the modern context. Have a look…

What Is Dharma?

Before moving further it will be wise to have a look at the meaning of Dharma. The term Dharma (धर्मं) is interchangeably used for religion, duty, and both. As per Hindu mythology (more appropriately Sanatan Vedic Dharma) the religion and duties of a man are tightly bound to each other. The specified ethical & moral code of conduct should be enforced both in religious as well as the social life of an individual. Actually, Dharma is more about the duties than religious customs.

  • The Dharma of a student is to gain knowledge.
  • The Dharma of a father is to take care of his sons and daughters.
  • of a soldier is to defend the nation.

… The list can go on and on. The interesting part is that a normal human simultaneously enacts multiple roles in life. This applies to me, you, and everyone else.

The Essence:

Dharma isn’t just about worshiping, but also about the successful accomplishment of your duties. If you are not good at handling the worldly affairs, then it means that somewhere you lack in something.

  • It’s your Dharma to earn your livelihood.
  • It’s your Dharma to become wealthy and prosperous. (If you desire)
  • It’s your Dharma to spread happiness amongst your people.

The Dharma deals with spiritual as well as non-spiritual aspects of life. The spiritual aspect of Dharma provides you with mental stability. Still, the non-spiritual acts are also very significant.

Example: A good religious man without money is not too happy. Same is the case with a wealthy man without peace of mind.

* What I said is applicable for most of the people. Sages and hermits are an exception to that.

The Conclusion:

  • Dharma has a broader meaning. The term religion is not the absolute translation. ‘Duty’ is an appropriate one.
  • The spiritual/religious side of Dharma delivers peace of mind.
  • The non-spiritual part of religion fetches you rewards and appreciation. You Earn them either by doing hard-work or by doing smart work.

Example: When someone does his job/duty to perfection, then he gets rewarded. These rewards add to his happiness. Even if, no reward is presented then too the person feels happy for the justice done by him to the allocated task.

It will be right to say that Dharma of a salesman includes, but is not restricted to increasing the quantity of sales. What you think? Use the comment box to share your view or to share anything in your mind.





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  1. Saurabh Singh Chauhan Avatar

    There is a purpose for every duty to be performed. Without a valid purpose there will be no true duty.
    — By fulfilling duty we either achieve our goals or move closer towards them.
    — And this fulfillment of objective leads to happiness

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