Handling The Lost Causes: Damage Control

Winning is my habit” is the phrase that everyone desires to quote for his life. None aims for failure no matter how intelligent or stupid the person is? Still, history shows it clearly that even the greatest of victors had to face unfavorable consequences.

It is not normal to face a failure despite of being a worthy & capable person. It shall and it must have an effect on your mind. Why? To make sure that you don’t take it lightly. You cannot let some failure to go just like that. There are lessons to learn and weakness to identify.

Below, I have tried to bring forward a few dos and don’ts to be applied when the situation turns seriously critical. Have a look on this simple manual for handling lost causes.

What To Do?

  • Focus on the situation. You must emphasize on the ultimate goal to be achieved. The main intention here is to look for opportunities that if may not won you victory then at least will bring you in a position to bargain.
  • Reconsider your moves and strategy. In case, if there exists a scope for applying Plan B then go for it without any delay.
  • Suppose if it proves to be your worst day and nothing remains in your hand then the final solution will be to accept the situation, run, hide, and save yourself for tomorrow.
  • Only known to you
  • Only known to you    

What not to do?

  • You are not ‘Superman’. I know that you didn’t liked that previous line, but the fact remains. So please don’t go for stupid mission impossible. We both know that nothing is impossible, still it will be most logical to abide by logic. (Life is real with no retakes)
  • The blame game and explanations that don’t really matter.
  • Loose hope and and every resource will perish with. Dude! It’s fine you lost, but loosing hope is certainly the worst idea.
  • Well known to you. (Think a bit …) 

So, Will you like to share the dos/don’t “Only known to you” for damage control. Comment box is below.

|| Om Shivaya Namaha ||