What’s Your New Year Resolution?

It’s definitely a wonderful idea to have a purposeful resolution this year. Actually, it is always a good time to begin with something useful and productive. Sooner you begin, sooner the results will be in-front of you.

So the million dollar question is “What’s your new year resolution?“.  For sure, the possibilities are endless.

Bad guy’s can come up with a million ideas to become good and the good ones can at-least think of a thousand ways to become a better.

I am not here to provide you with a list of new year resolutions. You have a far better understanding regarding yourself and about your requirements. In addition, it’s not my job to do so.

The Easy Part and the Difficult Part:

The easy part is that you can think for a while an finalize your New Year Resolution or a set of them. If you consider that to be difficult then you are either too weak or just lazy. Of-course sincerity and seriousness are the key ingredient for planning and you cannot cook the recipe of success without them.

* Seriousness is more about the mental state and your attitude. Even a stand up comedian takes his career seriously. (You don’t require adding unnecessary complexities and make ‘serious faces’ that are actually ‘dull faces’.)

The difficult part is about turning your thoughts into action. ‘Implementation‘ is the Universal principle. The Idea that has not been implemented is a lie. It might be valid, but has no existence in your universe until and unless you create it.

Create Another Plan For the Difficult Part:

This is rather simple task where you will require to focus on:

  • The issues, events, and people that might obstruct you from achieving your objective.
  • The issues, events, and people that will help you in achieving your goals.
  • The last and the most important part is to frame an efficient & effective strategy to gather maximum help and for tackling with those hindrances.

Well! this short piece of suggestion ends here and hopefully you will succeed in implementing your new year resolutions in desired manner.

* One last thing : Enjoy safely and Sensibly.
Happy New Year!