What is life?

This is definitely one of the hardest questions to answer. We all are breath-taking living beings, but most of us fail to understand life at a spiritual and emotional level. There are many quotes on life by famous personalities and writers; each one expressing a summary of their life-experiences and lessons-Learned.

Still, these are the views of other people. Those theories and ideas are like a hint (not the complete answer) to understand something much important i.e. your own life.

It is 100% indisputable that the circumstances around every individual differ from those of others. This difference can be major or minor on comparing life of two individuals, but surely there exists a difference. In other words, we all are uniquely identifiable beings with a unique set of circumstances. This means that what’s applicable for your neighbor might not be applicable for you and vice-versa.

Thus the conclusion so far is that Life is Unique. Anyhow, this is a well know, unimpressive, and incomplete fact. So what is the correct answer for the Question “What is life?”.

After studying a couple of books, consulting a few people, and hard online research I was able to frame and finalize a theory that delivers the clearest answer to the question mentioned at the top.

Life is a canvas. Yes! Life is a canvas to create a drawing that will be considered final on the doomsday. Now before you stare with skepticism, I will request you to consider following reasons for similarities between them.


At the time of birth you were provided with a blank sheet with nothing on it. At this stage the canvas is in its purest form. A baby has no business plans and meetings to attend.


Then the drawing begins. The very first outlines are drawn by the parents or  guardians. This includes the introduction to language, culture, lifestyle, and religion.

The strange as well as interesting part is that it is not you, but others who determine your course of action at initial stage. The actual full control on your painting is acquired in later stages of life. Before that you do as directed and accept whatever is being offered.


The life process can be expressed as the act of creating or erasing objects on your canvas. Those together determine the quality of your life. At every instance, you bring or remove something good or bad consciously or unconsciously.

How good or bad your painting is to be considered as a reflection of your current life. Throughout life your task will be to make successful or unsuccessful attempt to improve your painting i.e. life.


Finally comes the last stroke. The drawing will be complete and all efforts will come to an end. It ends with your last breath.

* Hopefully, you got the basic relationship.

Let us have a look on few inferences that will help you to understand life in a better manner.

  • It is your responsibility to paint it well. You may ask for help or accept the help being offered by others, but the ultimate responsibility resides with you and only you.
  • You cannot allow others to damage your picture of life. If someone does that then it is the failure on your part.
  • As you continue with drawing the chances to retreat become fainter and fainter. You can restart, but not always. You only have one sheet, also known as life.
  • You need creativity and imagination. Despite of using the same paint & paper the one artwork sells for millions of dollars while other goes to the dustbin.
  • A good life and a good painting both require prior planning. You must know what is to be created and how.
  • …. And many more that are popping into your mind.

Now, it’s time to know your views regarding this. The comment box is right below.