Useless Education

Chanakya Neeti says that:

Education will be considered useless until it is not put to some practical use. The life of an uneducated person is a total waste. Similar is the case with an army without a commander…

It is said that there exists a great power in knowledge and most of us will accept it without any sort of objection. Yes! the power exists for sure.

Knowledge is Like Fuel:

What we don’t realize is that knowledge is like fuel. Its true potential is hidden and you won’t be able to utilize it until and unless you set fire to it.

Another interesting fact is that fuel comes in multiple shapes and sizes. We have coal, gasoline, LPG, and even rocket propellants. Same is the case with knowledge.

Every type of knowledge is meant for a specific or multiple tasks. You need coal for a barbecue, gasoline for your car, and nuclear fuel to run few special aircraft carriers. Now, considering the same in terms of knowledge we can say that an accountant needs knowledge of accounts, a doctor needs knowledge of medicine, and a soldier requires knowledge of combat. The list can go on and on.

Effective Utilization:

Today, the major concern is not about acquiring knowledge. You can easily get desired information on any subject. Be it science, philosophy, religion, history, geography, computers, or any other field of study.

Usually the problem arises when you are unable to find any means of utilizing the knowledge that you acquired.

* It’s not sufficient to have gasoline. You also need a car.

Please Don’t misinterpret:

I don’t mean to say that one must restrict himself from acquiring more and more knowledge. This type of approach will prove nothing, but a self-sabotage.

You can understand this by going through a simple daily life example. When your car runs out of Gasoline, then what you do? Yes! We refuel it. This way it can be concluded that no matter what, more and more fuel will be needed. There is no harm in stocking it (the knowledge) and it’s not illegal to do so.

If driving a car is your key area of concern then too you will need other kinds of fuel. Why? Because life is a combination of different activities i.e. you not only drive a car, but cook your food as well.

Different fuels for different tasks and in the same way you will need different types of knowledge for handling different kind of jobs.

* Excess of knowledge is a perfect means for building safeguards.


  • The world will consider your education to be a useless education, provided you gain success in finding a practical implementation for it. (Especially, for your major area of concern)
  • Knowledge is like fuel and it’s up to you to utilize it in the way you desire.
  • There is no problem with stocking fuel i.e. gaining more knowledge and upgrading your skills.
  • Knowledge related to other fields is also important because in life you require playing multiple roles.

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