Being Straightforward in life? Good or Bad

Straightforwardness is a quality appreciated by many, followed by a few, and understood by even fewer. Well! That was my observation and yours might be different from mine. Still, we will agree that the confusion regarding acceptance and rejection of this human trait is quite huge.

We hope to be straightforward in life. No lie, no bending of facts and no diplomacy. I mean, if the situation doesn’t force, then who will desire to do all that? That’s straightforwardness in one form. The other side is that people relate it with rudeness, arrogance, and several other unpleasant attributes.

The people in favor will appreciate you for being a straightforward man. On the other hand the people who are not in support of your ideas will criticize you for doing so.

Now let us take the expert’s opinion. Chanakya said that “A man must not be too straightforward because the trees standing straight in forest are chopped out first

Does this means that it’s bad to be straightforward? Well! It depends on the circumstances and a wise man cannot afford to do it the wrong way.

Actually, the straightforwardness is a quality to be admired. Anyhow, when you implement it the wrong way then it becomes a quality to repent. On giving a little thought I was able to conclude it’s applicability. Hopefully you will agree to that.

Social Straightforwardness:

When dealing with a second person, third person, or a group of persons; we must be careful. The simple rule is that you can only act straightforward when in a situation to bargain. When you are the Boss and things are under your control.

If the situation is opposite, speak with lots of sweetness on your tongue. That sounds wicked, but in fact is the simple truth of life. Accept it!

To prevent misinterpretation I would like you to go through the following lines:

  • Straightforwardness has nothing to do with rudeness, impoliteness, anger, or frustration.
  • It has definitely to do much with clarity.
  • Always, think about the consequences and the outcome. It’s not a good idea to invite trouble for the sake of looking bold in front of others.

Personal straightforwardness:

Despite of all that confusion you must be very clear and straightforward  with yourself. I mean your priorities must be crystal clear in your mind. No fog of any sort.

The ideal situation will be where you can answer a question in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The problem is that in many real-life-situations it won’t be possible to do so. When such situation arises then you will require using the ‘discretion‘.

When you know who you are, what are your priorities, what you desire to accomplish, and how to accomplish; then most of the problems will get solved automatically.

* Be straightforward with yourself and don’t allow yourself to cut corners.