Friendship: An Overview

We all are well aware about the concept of friendship.  Truly! No explanation is needed. Actually, no particular definition can exactly define this term. There exists multiple kinds of persons and same is the case with types of friendship. It can include Facebook friends, friends in need, friends with benefits, online friends, true friends, false friends etc. The list can go on and on.

Why do We do Friendship?

We make friends and also become friends to many. We do so for a number of reasons. Depending upon particular case this reason can be bright & clear from the very beginning or might remain blur/undefined till the end for either or both parties.

Some consider friendship as synonym for relationship, some define it as an activity involving give & take, few relate it to business, many simply abide by take-&-take policy etc. In a nutshell, friendship exists in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

This happens because being a social animal, we humans have a tendency to interact with other social-beasts. We keep looking for friends and having so many unknown online friends is a perfect proof of this behavior. I am not here to question your intentions and you might or might not be the one.

Types of Friends:

Other than true friends we do have a lot of friends. There is no precise set of features that can distinguish between the true and someone who is untrue. Anyhow, we all know that there are friends who are near & dear, who really care, for whom you really care, and others are just the people with a friendship tag.

You don’t require acting rude to anyone, but must have a clear distinction between the real friends and people who are not of much significance. When you do this, better ensure that you are free from any prejudice otherwise the whole activity might backfire.

* A true friend might not sound sweet all the times, nor you must expect him.

* Dating sites and friendship clubs are probably the worst place to look for real friends.

Feelings and Emotions do count?

It is not like that everyone is trying to harness profit or is a scam-man. Also, I will not suggest you to betray someone. The emotional factor is still the biggest reason for most of the people to indulge in friendship.

There is nothing compared to the joy, enthusiasm, comfort, and safety that you will experience in the company of a true friend.

Friendship Flourishes Among the Equals:

I know I am about to be criticized for this, but the best place for germination of real friendship is the ground of equality. If there is no sort of equality then most probably it’s a deal between ‘friends with benefits‘.

In a true/real friendship both people share equal status. No-one dominates the other, none is a bully, and none is bullied. I have given you a point to think upon. Now do some thinking …

Here come the end of this post. Need not to mention that if you have a related view to share then comment box is right below. Thanks for your time!