One small Mistake and Game Over

It is said that a wise man will not only learn from his mistakes, but also from the mistakes that were done by others. Life is not that long to try every mistake by yourself. In addition, there are a few mistakes that don’t deliver you a chance to do another one.

Analytically, there are two kinds of mistakes. A few are big while others are small. This classification is usually done on the basis of scope-for-rectification. The rule of thumb is to never-ever do any big mistake in life. This idea is very true, but is usually misinterpreted or used as an excuse for trying smaller insignificant mistakes.

Acharya Chanakya in Chanakya Neeti says that …

A small goad controls a giant elephant, a small lamp destroys a great deal of darkness, a small hammer can break huge  mountain. Their size is insignificant to the purpose they solve.

Size do matters and also it does not. Therefore a mistake is a mistake no matter how big or small. To be true there is no point in arguing about the potential of a bullet, dagger, and knife. They all are deadly and available in different shapes and sizes.

Every Big Disaster is Initiated by a Small Mistake:

Hello, Wake up Dude! Do you really expect me to explain this universal fact. Be it the case with Titanic, Chernobyl disaster, or 9/11. In the root of all those horrific events lies a very insignificant mistake that triggered the set of events & circumstances that finally ended in huge historical mess. You and me as individuals stand no where. We need to act right all the times without a single miss, else the game be over.

In reality, these tiny mistakes are the building-blocks for bigger mistakes. Ask yourself and wait a while before answering? You are a very intelligent person and will not face any problem in understanding this concept. Hopefully! this quote will open the windows of your mind.

Everyone hears the bang from a cracker, but none cares for the friction that ignited the matchstick that in-turn ignited the bomb.

Also, your attitude towards the mistakes done by you will definitely impact your future.

An accident is acceptable to some extent, but not the mistakes done by you.  If that was not deliberate, at least it was outcome of carelessness (A minor Mistake that takes no time in becoming Major problem).

Be careful in your tasks, be responsible, and above all be honest to yourself. If you already possess those three qualities then please accept my apologies for wasting your time.