Where Do We Lack in Life

The secret to success lies in grabbing the opportunities as and when they arrive. We all know this simple fact, but most of us fail when it comes about implementing this very simple strategy.

Actually ‘simplicity‘ and ‘ease‘ are two different terms with different meanings. Yes! the fact stated in previous paragraph is quite simple, but not easy to follow.

Immediately the question arises that where do we lack in life?  Going through the following headings might help. Have a look …

Accepting The Truth:

The reasons for failure  can be many and every individual knows them all. (I mean who else will know it better than the person himself). The problem is that despite of being aware about the problems we hesitate in accepting them.

Take example of a wrestler who lost a match. He in his heart knows that he requires a better preparation for matches to come, but instead he begins searching ointment in a wine-shop. He is deliberately acting ignorant and most of the people are not an exception to such approach. This kind of attitude can only end in self-sabotage.

Those who have accepted their mistakes must know that the story does not ends there. Actually, we require implementing necessary and practical rectifications to those problems.

The best part about accepting your truth is that you need not to utter a single word. There is no requirement for any dialogue with anyone (until official/mandatory requirement). It is more a personal experience and about a commitment with none other than yourself.

* Instead of acting arrogant, ignorant, or playing the victims-card one must accept his weaknesses and get prepared for events to come.

Never Ending Excuses:

There are people who will blame the barrel, bullet, and even the target, but not their inability to aim well. It has been said that a smart person will frame his strategy as per the environment. A foolish will try to change everything except himself.

Excuses in life will fetch you sympathy, but nothing useful. Surely, it can do no good to anyone.

* Here I have used the term ‘excuse’ for activities where people misuse the terms like logic, reasoning, evaluation, and comparison etc to bind-up their shattered ego. You can reduce the pain by sedatives, but not cure the disease.

Lack of Clarity:

Reasons and purposes together define your ‘objective’. If you are not sure about the reason for doing something then take a pause and think for a while. Be it your job, education, or business; the main objective (or multiple objectives) must be crystal clear in your mind.

Most of the people have their own reasons for doing something, but they might not be very clear about those reasons/objectives. It sounds strange, but is true.

Take example of kids in kindergarten and you will get my point. Those kids don’t have a clear understanding for the purpose. Now, if you think that most of the people pursuing graduation have a better level of clarity their regarding goals & objectives, then you are wrong! (most of them never grew up).

Chanakya said that “Everyone is likely to face troubles in life and even wise men are afraid of them. Anyhow, the real wise men deal with troubles wholeheartedly and boldly upon their arrival“.